HostSlim Launches new Website 2018!

First off all, the best wishes to you for 2018!We are so glad to announce that we just launched our new website today. We started the new year off on a good foot right away! What has been changed?- New design;- More products added;- More details on product pages;- Clear explenation of the products;- More information of our datacenter;- More ... Read More »

8th Jan 2018
Merry Christmas from HostSlim - Christmas Present Inside

Looking back at a successful year... 2017 has been a great year for us. Our team expanded a lot and we introduces a bunch of new services. Our CEO Ralph Karseboom has written a BLOG article to recap 2017 in his ... Read More »

22nd Dec 2017
VPSslim now offers PURE SSD VPSses!

Need speed? We've got it! We're glad to announce that as of today we have started offering FULL SSD VPS plans. This means that you will have 100% PURE SSD space.   Just ... Read More »

13th Dec 2017
HostSlim now offers Service Monitoring As a Service

We’re glad to announce that HostSlim now offers Service monitoring for Internal (HostSlim) and non HostSlim clients. You can now easily monitor your services through your client account.You can monitor all your services in a handy-easy to use interface. You can monitor your HostSlim, but also other services with our easy to use monitoring ... Read More »

15th Nov 2017
HostSlim adds DDoS protection VPS plans

Since this month we have added an addon for any VPS order. You can add IP protection to your main IP of your VPS for just 3 euro per month! That's right, we reduced the DDoS protection pricing for clients that have just one IP. This way we make DDOS protection accessible for every client.More information about DDoS Protection can be found at: ... Read More »

23rd Oct 2017
HostSlim introduces a site builder

Lelystad, NL, july 8 2016 – HostSlim A dutch based hosting provider has collaborated with Site.PRO. We now offer a great sitebuilder for all our clients who want easy access to their website and want to maintain them in an easy way.Ralph Karseboom, CEO HostSlimWe are glad to announce we have started to work together with SITE.PRO to offer our ... Read More »

8th Jul 2016
Safe money with the Bank Wire payment method!

We have made another feature to help benefit our customers even more! We have since this week set a discount on the Bank Wire payment method. This way you can safe 1.50% on your total payment!What do I have to do to get this discount?Easy - just choose the Bank Wire payment method with your checkout or at your invoice page, and then you will see a ... Read More »

5th Jul 2016
HostSlim opens Amsterdam datacenter location!

We would like to inform our clients upfront about thrilling news. We have opened a new extra large establishment in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Really top notch quality, perfect pricing for our customers, and a great location makes it possible for us to expand our services. On-site HostSlim engineersWe have on-site HostSlim engineers in Amsterdam ... Read More »

3rd Nov 2015
HostSlim added a new Cisco router to the network!

We are glad to announce that last week we successfully added our own Cisco router in our network. This way we can have all the control over our network without having one of our datacenters involved. This way we can boost our support reply times for network support questions a lot. With our own Cisco router all our clients now have at least 1Gbps ... Read More »

30th Aug 2015
HostSlim offers ISPmanager - get your control panel for free!

Dear Client,We are happy to inform you about a new add-on to our webhosting, VPS and dedicated servers – ISPmanager 5!ISPmanager is a professional hosting control panel and one of the leading control panels on the market. Flexible for servers and perfect for personal use, it has a user friendly multi-language web interface and guarantees the ... Read More »

30th Jan 2015