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Getting datacenter access cards. What is the criteria to get a access pass? Print

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Every customer can get access to the datacenter and get access via a "datacenter access card" to the serverroom where the customer's hardware is located. This pass it strictly personal, it is not allowed to share a pass with others or to use it with multiple people. This pass is only issued personal, no passes are sent by post or given in advance. The application of these access cards can only be done by a request inside the customer panel by the main contractor himselve.

To get one of these passes HostSlim will ask you the following information:

  • Copy of a passport of legal ID card.
  • Normal photo taken from max 2 meter (a mobile phone photo will be fine) (real photo, without Photoshop). This extra photo is required because allot of ID photo's do not look. This can be taken at the time the pass is picked up.
  • You mobile phone number.
  • Pin/security code for activating every time to access the datacenter.
When the pass is given, it will be added as "disabled" to the client account. Client needs to activate the access pass for his user.

This information will be attached to the card, so when a external security person see's you via a security cameras, he can call you on the given mobile telephone number and ask you to stand before a camera whats in that room so he can see that it is really you and ask you for the security (pin) code. If you do not have this information, the doors can be locked till the security person is in the room.

Note: It is possible to give your own clients access to the datacenter. You are taken 100% responsibility for you customer(s) (also see you contract). Every new access pass will cost 50,- EUR onetime fee (no deposit).

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