What port are not usable whan I use the DDoS filter

The filter build to for ip protection. It use allot of differtent BGP, modification and justification techniques based on real human usage, and not based on useage by other computers (like management or monitorring or else). To avoid really simple attacks, a short list of ports like below will be also blocked by default:

  • destination-port: 1234
  • source-port: 1900
  • source-port: 123
  • source-port: 27960
  • source-port: 27015
  • source-port: 1024
  • source-port: 3072
  • destination-port: 27665
  • destination-port: 65000
  • source-port: 27665
  • source-port: 1524
  • destination-port: 1524
  • source-port: 1900
  • destination-port: 80
  • destination-port: 443
  • source-port: 19
  • source-port: 161
  • source-port: 27960
  • source-port: 27015
  • source-port: 17
  • source-port: 123
  • source-port: 69
  • source-port: 3072
  • source-port: 1024
  • destination-port: 27444
  • destination-port: 31335
  • destination-port: 27665
  • destination-port: 1434

If you do want to use this list you should read the other knowledgebase article whare you can read what to do for monitrring ip's.


- Some of theese line could look a bit strange. But keep in mind that in combination with our used techniques and past experience they are used.
- This list can change one a while.
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