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Where are your filtering node located?

The  filtering nodes are located in 2 locations in the Netherlands. They are conneced by traffic directly from TIER1 operators (Cogent, Retn, Level3, Tinet and many more) and the largest European traffic exchange points (DECIX, AMSIX, NLIX). Currently total network capacity is 100Gbps and it constantly increases.

Is layers 7 attack supported?

Yes, Keep in mind Layer 7 will need manual justifications to let it work good. In Q1 http(s) session checks will be inplemented.

Why can't I get good speed for downloading large files?
The DDoS filter checks every package to see if it legal or not. When you down or uploading a large file from the internet it can look like it is a flood and the filter will slowdown or stop the download. So you can do allot of Gbps traffic by the filter, but it should be normal traffic based on normal files below 10Mb per connection, and based on differten source ip's.

How much DDoS traffic can you handle?
We use all-in cleaning methode in combination with the Serverius 250Gbps Cisco core network. Depending of the type of DDoS attack, the system can handle up to approximately 100Gbps incoming DDoS attacks (and 80Gbps clean traffic). In order to guarantee latency quality to our users we offer our clients up to 60Gbps DDoS filtering. When incoming DDoS is more than this amount, we offer filtering based on "best effort" and it could be that the attacked ip will be (automaticly) nulled.

Can you handle all types of attacks?
No. Like any other DDoS filter in the world, also our filter setup will give some false positives. In general (when manual settings are done properly) it can handle 96% of all attacks. So all common attacks will be filtered. If a attack is not filtered properly, you can adjust manual template settings per subnet. If you want a Serverius engineer to help you with it, we charge 97,30 EUR p/u

What happens at hardware failure?
The DC bought a 4 hour hardware replacement service at Huawei. When a hardware failure occurs, we contact Huawei and they will sent new hardware + engineer as soon as possible to fix the problem. This will guarantee nothing, but it is the best we can do. When hardware failure occurs, you can disable filtering in your controlpanel.

Does the DDoS filter also work for my private PA or PI ip's?
Yes. Also ip's what are announced by or behind the Serverius network can be covered.

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