Do I have to pay vat/tax on the HostSlim services?

HostSlim is a Dutch company who is providing services and selling goods from the Netherlands, so we apply to Dutch tax rules. If you need to pay tax depends on a few things. Here below the explanation.

For services (like colocation, DDoS scrubbing, bandwidth, remote hands, support hours and so on)

Not need to pay tax:

  • All people and companies outside the European Union.
  • All companies within the European Union who provide there company name + vat number to Serverius (except Dutch company's). Serverius will add your tax number to your invoice.

(if you got an invoice and you believe that you do not have to pay tax you can sent your Company name + VAT to The will change your invoice)

Do need to pay tax:

  • All Dutch persons and company's.
  • All companies within the European Union who do not provide there company name + vat number to HostSlim.
  • All persons within the European Union who are not a company.

For example, if you are a customer from Italy and you do not provide a tax number and company name, you have to pay tax to Serverius.

For buying goods (like optics, cables, hardware financing and so on)

You always needs to pay VAT/TAX where ever you live.

So keep in mind that if you as a non EU company use a service like colocation with a LTO hardware financing, you do not pay VAT to the colocation rack, but you need to pay 21% VAT on the hardware finance invoice.
Note: These rules are from all Dutch company's like Serverius the same. So these rules are not invented by ourselves but by the Dutch tax department. More information you can find here:
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