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Do I have to pay vat/tax on the HostSlim services? HostSlim is a Dutch company who is providing services and selling goods from the Netherlands,... Fair Use Policy (FUP) At HostSlim, we value our customers' need for reliable and efficient use of bandwidth... How to Submit a VAT ID To Submit your VAT ID:In the Checkout screen, you will see a field called "VAT Number" below "How... I lost my password and now i unable to login! If you are locked out of the Client Area due to a forgotten security answer or a problem with two... I want to cancell my services To cancell your current services, please do the following: Login to the Client Area. Click on... Is bandwith shared between my virtual servers? No every vps is standalone and uses its own bandwith. If you need more bandiwth just open a... My VPS ran out of Bandwith! If your VPS uses all of its bandwidth for the month, it will be automatically suspended. If you... Order status "fraud" Our fraud detection system mistakenly labels some orders as fraud if they meet certain criteria.... Payment Gateways Hostslim currently offers the following payment methods:- PayPal - Bank Wire - Skrill - Payza... Privacy Policy As a hosting provider, we understand the importance of protecting our customers' privacy... Refund Policy We offer a 14 day refund period for the first invoice on your first VPS. Please open a ticket in... SLA (Service Level Agreement) Service Level Agreement (SLA) This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") outlines the terms and... Secure your account! (Two Factor Authentication) You can secure your account using your smartphone. To enable this, login into the client area and... Setup time after ordering a VPS. Setup is instant upon recieving of payment. If this is not the case please contact us in via the... Uptime Guarantee We guarantee that your VPS will be online 99.9% of the time.Exceptions: Scheduled maintenance.... why am I receiving unpaid invoice emails? Our system sends out unpaid invoice emails a certain number of days in advance of your next...
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